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Chateau Pharmacy Třeboň



We would like to invite you to a newly opened historical palace in the heart of Třeboň,
which, after an extensive reconstruction, it opened on 15 April 2022.


What can you see and do here?

The Story of Petr Vok – a visitor circuit

This circuit combines a traditional guided tour with a presentation of historical artefacts, display of theatre effects, modern technologies, and imaginative art. It will guide you along the milestones of Petr Vok’s life and tell the entire story of the house.

Duration: approximately 1 hour.

Admission fees:

  • Basic admission: CZK 290

Opening hours:

10 AM – 6 PM, July and August 9 AM – 7 PM.

Events take place at specified times.


Practical information:

Tour is only possible with a guide.

20 persons maximum, larger groups will be split into several successive tours.

Foreign language guide available upon request – in English, French, German, and Spanish.

Extra charge for the foreign language guide: CZK 500 per one tour; it is a flat rate regardless of the size of the group (1 to 20 persons).

Please book your tour with a foreign-language guide in advance on

Upon your booking we will create a reservation in our system and send a confirmation.

The standard language of the guided tours is Czech.

We will be happy to provide information on the current events and exhibitions, including the possibility to view them with the foreign language guide or with a text guide in your selected language.


Do not hesitate to contact us with your queries:

The Chateau Pharmacy features also an atmospheric gift shop selling original and traditional products. You can also visit the café and gallery on the ground floor where art exhibitions take place.

Do not forget to visit the most attractive part of the house – the inner courtyard that serves as an outdoor venue during summer. Relax in the cool shade of the plane trees and 80-years old olive trees.

The Chateau Pharmacy will charm you by its exteriors, but also by its varied cultural programme all year round. We are ready to organise all sorts of bespoke events according to your requirements, including catering and accommodation, or to recommend other places and events worthy of visiting in Třeboň.

Třeboň is also a famous spa destination, guaranteed to soothe both your soul and your body.


About our history

The house was built in 1605, initially as a library, picture gallery, and an art chamber to hold the collections of Petr Vok. The first books were placed on the shelves in 1608. It was a representative seat intended also for hosting the governor’s official guests. A collection of books was seen as an investment and also as a demonstration of their owner’s wealth, good general knowledge, and also intelligence.

Petr Vok used to collect much more than just books: artworks, paintings, time-measuring and meteorological instruments, and also various natural curiosities. The entire collection was kept in the northern wing of this house.

There is no doubt the house had been erected with a clear intellectual and representative purpose.

However, Petr Vok did not enjoy much of its beauties; he died in 1611. After that the books remained there for a few years, but eventually they had been moved to Prague where they were confiscated by the Swedes as the spoils of the Thirty Years’ War.

The house then served as municipal offices and flats and since the 19th century as a pharmacy. The pharmacist lived on the ground floor, and a physician on the first floor. The pharmacy was originally entered through a decorated portal, but another side entrance had been established more recently. In the recent years before the reconstruction the upper floor served for residential purposes. Sadly, none of the original interiors have been preserved; various alterations and conversions had caused a lot of damage to them.

Nowadays the house is held by private owners who have delivered a costly reconstruction and opened it to the public as a historical and cultural heritage with guided tours, various events, and an a year-round operation. The reconstruction was co-funded from the IROP funds.

The house has been generally known as a Chateau Pharmacy and it still bears this name. The 19th century pharmacy is presented through an exhibition on the ground floor. The top floor is dedicated to the story of Petr Vok, and the attic serves as a space for exhibitions and seasonal events.


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